Letting agents and landlords already preparing for tenancy deposit protection in Scotland

We’ve had a busy week in Scotland with the Scottish Association of Landlord’s Conference on Tuesday, our own seminar in our Edinburgh office on Wednesday and the East Lothian Landlord’s Forum yesterday. It’s also been a great opportunity to meet a number of landlords and letting agents, get their reactions to tenancy deposit protection legislation and find out how their preparations are coming along.

The majority of landlords and agents at our seminar yesterday were aware of the implications of the new legislation. In fact I spoke to several agents who had already started educating their landlords and changing documents appropriately.

We recorded a few video snippets from some of the delegates which we’re making into a video as we speak – expect that uploaded here soon.

Whilst we covered the impact of the legislation, how The LPS Scotland would operate, and dispute resolution, we gauged from the questions posed that the attendees were keen to explore the whole subject of our dispute service in much greater detail.

General consensus in the room was that the dispute resolution process would present them with the biggest challenge. In fact we had planned on hosting some more intensive ADR workshops for landlords and agents following the launch of the scheme, but after feedback yesterday, we’re looking to host one early next year.

During the workshop landlords and letting agents will get the chance to act as an adjudicator and actually assess  real cases and present their findings. We have used this format with landlords and agents in England and Wales who have found it hugely beneficial.

As well as the more in-depth ADR workshop, we’re planning more introductory presentations in Scottish towns and cities over the coming weeks and will post dates very soon.

If you’d like to attend an event then send us an email and we’ll issue all the information to you.

Alternatively, if you have any questions that let us know either here, via email, or on Twitter.