New tenancy deposit protection guidance online now!

In my blog last week – ‘Countdown begins to teach Scottish landlords about new deposit responsibilities’ - we highlighted the importance of educating landlords, letting agents and tenants in order for tenancy deposit protection legislation to be effective. With this in mind and with the introduction of schemes in Scotland creeping ever closer we’ve focussed on attending and hosting as many awareness events as we can – we have a few more scheduled over the coming weeks, including two webinars so you won’t even have to leave your desks to attend! We’ve also been working hard to finalise our guidance documents so they’re available online for letting agents, landlords and tenants.

Our suite of documents contains all the information that you need in order to prepare for tenancy deposit protection and we’ll continue to add to this as we get closer to launch.

We’ve created a new page on the website where you can view and download each document and familiarise yourself with the processes. Here’s an overview and link to each document:

Experience Matters - an overview of The LPS Scotland - Does exactly what it says on the tin. Provides an overview of The LPS Scotland and each process involved from registering to alternative dispute resolution.

Best practice in deposit protection for landlords - List of the key things you’ll need to remember with regards to tenancy deposit protection, including the importance of repayment IDs and tenants’ contact details.

Registering with The LPS Scotland - Process flow diagram that explains how to register with us. Please note that as The LPS Scotland is still awaiting Government approval you are not yet able to register. As soon as we’re approved you’ll be able to do this online.

Submitting a deposit - Process flow diagram that explains how to submit deposits once registered with The LPS Scotland.

How to reclaim a deposit - Process flow diagram that explains the return of deposits at the end of tenancies.

A guide to tenancy deposits, disputes and damages - Industry agreed guidance on how deposit disputes are handled. Following the guidance in this document will assist you in setting up and managing tenancies correctly to have the best possible experience with your tenants and deal with disputes effectively should they arise.

A tenants' guide - Focused on the tenants’ responsibilities. It’s a good idea to download these and hand them to your tenant at the start of their tenancies so they know what’s expected of you, and them.

You can also visit the website for the latest news, details of our upcoming events and ways to get in touch.