Enhancements to your online account

Following your feedback, we have made some enhancements to our online services. We want to make your life easier. That’s why we’ve made the following improvements to your online account:

  • Changes to the end of tenancy process, allowing you to make specific claims for things like cleaning, decorating etc. This will allow your tenant to respond to each claim separately, reducing the amount of disputes.  It also helps us to enhance the dispute process in the event that you and your tenant cannot come to an agreement
  • Auto population of Regulation 42 information at the end of the ‘Submit a new deposit’ process.
  • Enhancement to the ‘View deposit’ summary page, allowing you to view repayment claim information, check deadline dates and view payment history details.

You can try out the enhancements for yourself when you submit a deposit or start a repayment claim. 

Visit our website and log in to your account to get started today.