Shona arrives in Scotland


WE’RE delighted to announce Shona, arriving on April 1 – our virtual service agent.

Shona exists to help LPS Scotland users get the most out of our service. She will sit patiently on the Help page of LPS Scotland, waiting for you to ask anything you like about the service.

Once you’ve typed your question in Shona will use the latest artificial intelligence to give you the most helpful answer.

If you need further information Shona will offer you more options or direct you to our online contact form. That form will be sent to our Operations team who’ll respond as quickly as possible.

The Shona service is the twin to “Emma,” used by our sister service The DPS in England and Wales since March 2011.

Since Emma’s launch she has been used nearly 180,000 times and around 9/10 questions are answered on-the-spot.

So… our re-vamped Help page will have:

Ask Shona
Our all-new virtual agent, on hand to answer all your LPS Scotland questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Our extensive list of FAQs are an alternative to Ask Shona and address 90% of all enquiries. If the answer to your question isn’t there you’ll be directed to an online form which is sent directly to our Operations team.

Have a go, and let us know what you think!